Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hotel Room Rate Update

Ok, I got all my calls back today and here's the rates:

1) B/W Windsor Inn- $69.99 per room (up to 2 adults) Children 12 & under free. (806)762-8400

2) Red Roof Inn- $69.99 per room. I think I can still squeeze a little more out of them if I can tell them we are having maybe 6 or 7 rooms. (806)745-2208

3) Holiday Inn Park Plaza- $99.00 per room. I need to tell them if we will be having several in order to get this rate, so if you already have a room there just keep your reservation and I will get them to change the rate later. Don't cancel it because they said they only had like 25 rooms left for the 17th because the Texas National Guards are here or something. (806)797-3241

Call me at (806)745-8612 or email me and I will make them for you or you can call them and tell them Julie Polk had told you the rates. I would like to be able to tell them something by Friday if any of you know or if you think maybe, I can go ahead and get them to hold them and we can cancel later if we need to.

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