Thursday, October 22, 2009

Close of blog

Well the reunion didn't happen. I sure wanted to go ahead and have it but everyone didn't think that was a good idea with daddy being in the hospital. I think it would have been ok, he wasn't going to be able to be there anyway even if he hadn't been in there. I just wanted mama to be able to see everyone because she can't go anywhere right now. I will close out the blog now.
Here is the picture of the cake we were going to have. It sure was good but felt kinda weird eating your relatives...
Everyone take care.

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  1. I am sorry the reunion did not happen. I know the amount of work, time and money that went into it and I really think we should have had it, but the interest in it did not seem to be as great as in the past. I feel like we should not have it anymore, because each year the interest seems to get less and less and people are just to "busy" with their other stuff they have going on in their lives.